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Oct 21st

Recycling Task Force compiles commercial sector recycling reference

Commercial Recycling can be divided into sectors, each with its own barriers to recycling and waste stream composition.

Oct 8th

Healthcare Recycling Guide

This guide will help healthcare facilities meet Wisconsin’s recycling law requirements and reap

Oct 8th

Recycling Community Spotlight, Thorp WI

Thorp, Wisconsin, is showing that large AND small communities can boost their recycling numbers in a big way, not by spending money on new machinery or services but simply by getting people motivated.

Oct 8th

Find A DNR Recycling Specialist Near You

Have a specific recycling question?  Not sure what to do with a particular hazardous waste?  The WI Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has listing of local recycling specialists that can assist with specific recycling questions.

Sep 17th

Avoid hazards of coal tar asphalt sealcoats

Most of us are familiar with the odor and deep black appearance of freshly sealcoated asphalt. Sealcoats are used to improve the appearance and prolong the life of driveways and parking lots.  

Sep 17th

State of U.S. Composting

Composting is a proven approach to reduce waste and build soil health and fertility. Amending soil with compost improves its quality and structure and thus its ability to withstand the impacts of extreme weather, from severe droughts to heavy rainfall.