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Jan 30th

Out with the old, in with the new — How you can participate in textile recycling

Who didn’t get a new sweater or another article of clothing for the holidays? Or perhaps with a New Year’s goal of weight loss and improved fitness and in a few weeks, a new jean size to boot? Another popular resolution involves decluttering and house cleaning.

Dec 23rd

Composting Through the Winter

First things first: You need to have your compost bin close to the house or be willing to shovel the long path out to it. Although most composting will stop during the winter, you can continue to build the pile.

Dec 19th

Food: An Abundance of Waste

Farmers and growers have made gigantic advancements in food production over the last century, ensuring more food flows from farm to table than at any time in human history.

Dec 19th

Reduce waste and save money this holiday season

Giving and sharing during the holiday season can add up to additional waste with extra gift wrap, extra packaging, disposable dishes, leftover food and more. But we can make small changes in some of our holiday habits to reduce additional waste and save money.

Dec 5th

The full list of E-Cycle Wisconsin collection sites: Be sure to use a safe location!

The full list of E-Cycle Wisconsin collection sites is accessible now! 

Dec 5th

E-Cycle Wisconsin 2014 report

Wisconsin’s electronics recycling law has achieved many successes since it took effect in 2010, most notably recycling more than 160 million pounds of electronics and greatly expanding electronics recycling access for Wisconsin residents. Wisconsin has been a leader