Medical and Packaging

Medical/Veterinary Waste:

“Sharps” (needles, syringes and lancets) are considered infectious waste and need to be disposed of properly.  Your doctor, veterinarian or health department may be able to provide you with a sharps container.  These containers can also be purchased at local pharmacies.

Filled sharps containers must be disposed of through a registered sharps collection facility.  The following contact information will help you locate a registered sharps collection facility:

American Diabetes Association: 888-342-2383

Waste Management Mail-In Medical Sharps Disposal;

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 888-936-7463

Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association:  608-257-3665

Aurora Pharmacies will accept sharps and needles.  They must be in sharps containers. Pharmacies sell the containers.  Many pharmacies sell sharps containers and exchange full ones for empty containers. 

The following facilities sell and collect sharps containers:

Aurora Pharmacy: (8 Locations)

  • 210 S Pine Street, Burlington
  • 250 McHenry Street, Burlington
  • 8348 Washington Avenue, Racine
  • 4310 67th Drive, Union Grove
  • 700 N Lake Avenue, Suite 102, Twin Lakes
  • 7640 22nd Avenue, Kenosha (Health Center)
  • 10400 75th Street, Kenosha (Medical Center)
  • 3900 Erie Street, Suite 100, Racine (Aurora/Shorecrest)

Kenosha Community Health Center, 4536 22nd Avenue, Kenosha

Larsen Mayer Pharmacy, 3535 30th Avenue, Suite 103, Kenosha

Good Value Pharmacy, 9916 75th Street, Kenosha

Good Value Pharmacy, 3401 80th Street, Suite 100, Kenosha

Walgreens, SW Corner Hwy 31 and Hwy 11


The following recommendations regarding the disposal of medications come from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Office of National Drug Control Policy:

  1. Reduce as a first option:
    • Use all that is prescribed to you
    • If you are receiving a new medicine, ask the doctor to prescribe a limited amount so you can see if it works first
    • Buy over-the-counter in quantities that you expect to use before the expiration date


  2. Reusing medications:
There are few options for reusing medications. Many pharmacies and doctor offices do not take medications for reuse. 

The Cancer and Chronic Disease Drug Repository is a program in Wisconsin that recycles cancer and chronic disease drugs that are given to patients who are not insured or have limited insurance.  Please call first to find out donation policies before taking medications to a pharmacy for donation.  Locally, these drugs can be donated at the following locations:

Larson-Mayer Pharmacy, 3535 30th Avenue, Suite 103, Kenosha, 262-658-8124

All Saints Cancer Center, 3809 Spring Street, Racine, 262-687-5000

Medication Drop Boxes

City of Racine Police Department, 730 Center Street, Racine,
262-635-7751 (for City of Racine Residents)

Sturtevant Police Department, 2801 89th Street, Sturtevant,

Lakeview Pharmacy, 516 Monument Square, Racine,
262-632-0520 (does not accept controlled substances

Waterford Police Department, 415 North Milwaukee Street, Waterford (drive-up collection box)

Kenosha County Safety Building, 1000 55th Street, Kenosha

Silver Lake Police Department, 113 South First Street, Silver Lake

Town of Salem, 9814 Antioch Road (Hwy 83), Salem

Twin Lakes Police Department, 920 Lance Drive, Twin Lakes

Kenosha County Safety Building, 1999 55th St, Kenosha

Pleasant Prairie Police Department, 8600 Green Bay Road, Pleasant Prairie

University of Wisconsin, Parkside Police Department, 900 Wood Road, Tallent Hall, Kenosha


Clean packing Styrofoam can be recycled whereas meat trays, cups, egg cartons or other disposable food service items are generally not accepted.

Pactive Corp, 1900 W Field Court, Lake Forest, IL, 847-482-2000

Parcel and Business Solutions, 8032 22nd Avenue, Kenosha, 262-654-8000 (Styrofoam and packing peanuts)

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS): 

EPS that is a white, crumbly material used for packing material can be sent to the ‘Pack-it-back’ mail-in EPS recycling program, simply ‘repack’ the material into the original box and mail it in.

Pack-It-Back EPS Recycling, Pack-it-Back EPS Recycling

RecycleTech Corp.  418 Falmouth Avenue, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407, phone 863-665-3755

Packing Peanuts:

The following locations accept packing peanuts, bubble wrap and “air” pillows:

Parcel and Business Solutions, 8032 22nd Avenue, Kenosha, 262-654-8000

Mail ‘N’ Ship, 3900 Erie Street, Suite A, Shorecrest Shopping Center, Racine, 262-681-1448

Postnet, 253 Center Street, Lake Geneva, 262-249-8920