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Dec 5th

E-Waste Recycler and Collector Best Practices

Proper handling of electronic waste protects site workers and the public and prevents pollution. It can also make electronics much more recyclable, and therefore profitable, than improper handling.

Nov 24th

Compost Crusader promotes composting for restaurants and businesses

Milwaukee area LLC Compost Crusader is diverting about 24 tons of food scraps per month with just 13 customers, and looking to expand on its success.

Nov 24th

Strong Holiday Lights Collection

Habitat for Humanity of Wisconsin is promoting reuse and reducing landfill waste by collecting string holiday lights in working and non-working condition at two dozen sites around the state.

Nov 17th

Smoke from wood heating can be health hazard

As the heating season approaches, smoke from wood stoves, fireplaces, outdoor wood-fired boilers (OWBs) and burn barrels will lead to health and nuisance complaints across the state.  While wood is a renewable fuel source, it is often more expensive than natural gas, and there are significant dis

Nov 11th

Used Oil Recycling and "Rebutting the Presumption"

Properly managed used oil is a valuable commodity that can be recycled or reused, but only if it has not been mixed with hazardous waste.

Nov 5th

Food waste provides fertile ground for tech innovators

Food waste is a big problem around the world. The United Nations reports that 1.3 billion tons of food are tossed every year. But now, figuring out how to keep produce and leftovers out of landfills has become fertile ground for tech innovators.