Kenosha, City of

625 52nd Street
Kenosha, WI 53140

The Waste Division maintains the City of Kenosha's clean and healthy environment through the collection of bulk, brush, solid waste and recycling. The City will pick up residential appliances and vehicle tires through special pick-up, for a small fee. Call the Public Works Department at (262) 653-4050 in advance to schedule collection. For all information and guidelines regarding curbside collection in the City of Kenosha, visit the City's Waste and Recycling web page.

The City of Kenosha Waste Division Drop-Off Site is located at 1001 50th St, Kenosha. Residents may drop off electronic devices, used oil and anti-freeze, vehicle batteries and tires (without rims), and bulk waste (with special ticket). Consult the City's drop-off website for guidelines and other details.