Opportunities to reduce or eliminate items that will become waste. Source reduction.

  • Re-usable bags for all shopping (not just groceries). Just say no to plastic. Types of bags.

  • Containers for leftover food at restaurant meals. Avoid Styrofoam.

  • Purchase products with less packaging

  • Buy in bulk. Eliminates individual packaging.

  • Refill with your own containers at the store

  • Farmers markets. No containers there. Bring your own bags. Avoid plastic or paper.

  • Purchase at stores that allow you to

  • Holiday gift wrapping with newsprint or packaging paper. No ribbon or name tags.

  • Reduce office paper. Use office paper on both sides. Make notepads.

  • Use cloth napkins and tablecloths.

  • Reusable drinking containers. Avoid bottled water.

  • Take your own ceramic coffee cup.

  • Purchase 100% “post-consumer waste” paper for office supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, napkins.

  • Use ceramic dishware and silverware. Avoid plastic and paper.

  • Use compostable paper cups, dishware, utensils.
    • *Note: compostable paper cups, dishware and utensils are typically only compostable in large-scale composting operations.  They do not break down at the temperatures achieved when home composting.  A resource for eliminating junk mail is Catalog Choice. You may also find additional tips for your Reduce section in DNR’s publication Waste Reduction Think it through…it’s up to you!

  • Eliminate junk mail. Make it a campaign.

  • Use natural products in place of commercial products. Avoid hazardous products.