Channels to re-use


*Only donate items in good, wearable condition to the locations above


  • Textile Recycling Drop-Off 
    • In addition to the channels above, shoes, clothing and other textiles can be dropped off at Textile Recycling Boxes for donation (visit the two links below for boxes in the area). Stained, ripped, or otherwise unwearable clothing (and blankets, pillows, towels, etc.) IS accepted to be repurposed. Just be sure items are clean and dry. To learn more about textile waste, read our news article here.
    • Better Earth: According to the Better Earth website, "Overly worn or stained clothing is re-purposed to become wiping and polishing cloths for use in manufacturing and other industries. Cotton is made into rags or used to form a component for new high-quality paper. Knitted or woven woolens and similar materials are “pulled” into a fibrous state for reuse by the textile industry in low-grade applications, such as car insulation or seat stuffing. Other types of fabric is reprocessed into fibers for upholstery, insulation, and even building materials. Buttons and zippers are stripped off for reuse. Very little is left over at the end of the recycling process.
    • USAgain: According to the USAgain website, " Non-reusable clothes are recycled into insulation, wiping rags, or are broken down to reclaim fiber."


At home re-use


  • Refilling

  • Use as bags and containers for storage and refrigeration

  • Art and craft projects

  • Rags

  • Reuse holiday gift packaging items