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Nov 11th

Used Oil Recycling and "Rebutting the Presumption"

Properly managed used oil is a valuable commodity that can be recycled or reused, but only if it has not been mixed with hazardous waste.

Nov 5th

Food waste provides fertile ground for tech innovators

Food waste is a big problem around the world. The United Nations reports that 1.3 billion tons of food are tossed every year. But now, figuring out how to keep produce and leftovers out of landfills has become fertile ground for tech innovators.

Oct 31st

Smart Cities Readiness Guide

Welcome to the Smart Cities Readiness Guide. This document was assembled with input from many of the world’s leading smart city practitioners – the members and advisors of the Smart Cities Council. It will help you create a vision for the future of your own city.

Oct 27th

Using Autumn Leaves As Mulch and/or Compost

"When households use their own leaves for mulch and compost, they can save money on fertilizer and reduce the need for municipal yard waste collection," explains Brad Wolbert, Department of Natural Resources recycling and solid waste chief.

Oct 24th

San Francisco proposes drug take-back ordinance

San Francisco proposes drug take-back ordinance